Custom Tarps

Our custom tarps are available in a wide variety of materials and colours. Materials generally fall into two main categories:

Solid Vinyl Tarps are used for waterproof coverings such as Utility Trailer Covers, curtains and room dividers, UV Protection, roll-up doors, equipment covers, etc.

Mesh Tarps are used when you want to allow water and/or light to pass through the tarp. These are typically used for shade screens, awnings, privacy fencing, building wraps, snow fences, wind barriers, etc.

We also carry canvas tarps in cases where a water-resistant breathable material is required and transparent tarps for waterproof protection that is completely see-through. Welding curtains are also custom made.

Custom tarps are built to order in any size or shape required. Reinforced grommets are typically used to secure our tarps but D-Rings, snaps, Velcro, zippers or other fasteners can be added as required. We also hand-sew 3-dimensional fitted tarps in any shape required.

Standard Tarps

We carry a wide selection of standard tarpsIn addition to our custom tarps, we also carry standard products for common tarp applications including:

  1. Heavy duty roll tarps for truck and trailer boxes up to 24 feet in length.
  2. Container covers
  3. General Purpose Poly Tarps
  4. Industrial Poly Tarps
  5. In stock Canvas Tarps
  6. Hay Tarps

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