Mesh Product Overview

Mesh comparisonWe carry four different vinyl coated mesh products and two types of nylon mesh. The product you choose will depend on how you are planning to use the mesh. Here we describe the mesh material we carry. We have taken photographs of the various products in front of the background shown here. The transparency generally depends on how much light is shining on or through the material. If you have ever accidentally walked into a closed screen door you will understand how transparent mesh and screen can become on a bright day.

If you are interested in white nylon mesh please visit our Chip Mesh Tarps page and our Sawdust Mesh Tarps page.

60% Block Premium Mesh

60% screen mesh/shade meshOur 60% block mesh is primarily used for covering dump trucks and trailers to prevent debris from flying out. This is generally not suitable for providing privacy or shade since the weave is not fine enough for such purposes. The weave is similar to what you might use for window screens except the strands of material are thicker and the product is much more tear resistant than vinyl window screens. You can see from the picture that the material forms a "checkerboard" pattern that is uniform in both horizontal and vertical orientation. For this reason, the material tends to lay flat when placed on a flat surface. This material is generally joined using a heat welding process. This material does not stretch or shrink.

The 60% block material comes in black, red, green, blue, yellow and fluorescent orange.

70% Block Economy Mesh

70% screen mesh/shade meshOur 70% material is commonly used for covering garbage bins. The material weave varies in the horizontal direction vs. the vertical direction. The material has the ability to stretch slightly and has a tendancy to curl/ripple somewhat. It typically does not lay perfectly flat when placed on a flat surface.

This material comes in black, red, blue or green.

90% Block Premium Mesh

90% screen mesh/shade meshThis 90% block mesh is ideal for most shade applications. Although none of our mesh products provide a great deal of privacy, our 90% mesh products offer some privacy while still allowing air flow. Our standard 90% block mesh comes in black and dark green.

90% Block - Super Heavy Duty Mesh

This mesh is similar to our standard 90% mesh but the material is urethane coated which makes it stiffer. The material is also more durable and tear resistant than our standard 90% mesh. Because the material is stiffer, when folded onto itself this product tends to kink whereas the standard mesh is not apt to kink. This material is ideal for industrial applications where a strong mesh is required. It is even used in Asphalt trucks to contain the heat. As Henry Ford is famous for saying, this product is available in any colour as long as it is black!

Category 60% Mesh 70% Mesh 90% Mesh 90% Super HD
Common Usage Trailer and truck covers (roll tarps), building wraps Trash Bin Cover Shade, Privacy Shade, Privacy, Dust Control, Ashpalt truck cover
Colours Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Fluorescent Orange Black, Red, Blue, Green Black, Dark Green Black
Flexibility Flexible Flexible Flexible Somewhat Stiff
Strength Good Good Good Best
Weight 9 oz 7 oz 9 oz 9 oz
Joining Process Heat Welded Sewn Heat Welded Heat Welded
Other Lays flat Tends to curl, will stretch somewhat Lays flat Urethane coated. Tends to kink when creased.

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