Roll Tarps for Trucks and Trailers

Roll tarpsFor Roll Tarp applications such as containing dump truck loads or large trailer covers we offer a specially engineered product in widths from 4 to 8 feet. Ideal for the agriculture, gravel, construction, nursery and waste removal industries. Our high-quality replacement roll tarps are designed to provide years of service.

Your roll tarp will be custom manufactured according to your exact requirements so you always get the fit you want. Our high quality thread helps ensure durability and prevent thread rot. All edges are reinforced to guard against tearing.

Check out these great features:

Roll tarpOur standard roll tarps are made of a 60% block premium mesh material. Tarps made from this material can be purchased in custom sizes for any application that requires construction grade meshing. Pocket size and configuration can be adjusted as needed to fit any roll tarp system.

Use the table below to see the price for various lengths (including shipping). The width can be up to 8 feet for the same price:

Box LengthTarp SizePrice
10 feet7' x 10' 6"$164.00
12 feet7' x 12' 6"$174.00
14 feet7' x 14' 6"$189.00
16 feet7' x 16' 6"$199.00
18 feet7' x 18' 6"$209.00
20 feet7' x 20' 6"$217.00
22 feet7' x 22' 6"$229.00
24 feet7' x 24' 6"$239.00

If you are tired of replacing your dump truck tarp every couple of years, why not invest in a durable roll tarp from Heavy Duty Tarps.

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