60% Mesh Roll Tarp

60% Mesh Roll Tarp with Pocket(s) and Seat Belt Webbing

Seat belt reinforced roll tarp with up to two pockets to insert standard roller mechanism. Optional side grommets.

60% mesh allows airflow while containing the pay load. Ideal for gravel trucks, nursery trailers, utility trailers, farm wagons, etc.

Roll Tarp Features
DescriptionWeight (lb)PriceSelect
7' x 10.5'7.9$164.00
7' x 12.5'9.0$174.00
7' x 14.5'10.1$189.00
7' x 16.5'11.2$199.00
7' x 18.5'12.3$209.00
7' x 20.5'13.4$224.00
7' x 22.5'14.5$234.00
7' x 24.5'15.6$249.00
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Roll Tarp Features
Our standard roll tarps are 7 feet in width however our price applies to custom roll tarps from 4 feet to 8 feet wide.
Please enter the exact width required below as well as the finishing required for each edge.
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