Clear Tarps

Clear transparent tarpsWe carry heavy duty clear PVC vinyl material for making transparent tarps. Transparent tarps are ideal for closing in decks to extend the season on your porch area or to provide protection from the elements without blocking out the light. You can also use this material to create green houses, protective curtains, to add windows on solid tarps or any other tarping application where it is important to be able to see through or let light through the tarp surface.

Our see-through tarps are made of 20 Mill transparent PVC vinyl for lasting durability and UV protection. This material is flame retardant so you can use it to create warehouse or factory dividers.

Our transparent tarps come finished just like all of our other tarps, that is with seat belt reinforced edges and as many grommets as you require. Note that we use black seat belt material by default. White webbing can be special ordered.

Note that clear tarps are not as durable as solid vinyl tarps. A solid vinyl tarp contains a polyester scrim layer on the inside which provides much of its strength. Since transparent tarps do not have this they are more apt to tear or wear. If strength is an important consideration in your application, we recommend using our solid vinyl material if transparency and light is not important. In cases where you want to allow light to transfer through the tarp but clear visibility is not critical we recommend using our reinforced clear material. You can also mix and match, that is, use solid material for sides where visibility is not needed and use clear for the sides where this is important.

The wind conditions should also be taken into consideration when deciding to use our clear material. If you are planning to use transparent tarps in an area where they will be exposed to strong winds, they may not hold up, this is especially true of large tarp sections since wind forces on a large surface area can be quite substantial.

Clear vinyl window covers
Our clear tarps are rated for cold crack protection down to -10F (-23C). So while they will handle cold conditions they should not be used in extremely cold climates where the temperature routinely dips below -10F.

Please note that the clear vinyl raw material comes in 54" widths so welded seams are required for widths wider that 50 inches (allowing for a 2" hem on each side). These seams will be visible as you can see if you look closely at the photos shown here. We generally try to minimize the number of seams as well as the amount of material required to make your tarps. If you have particular locations where you would to have the seams placed please make us aware of this. If this results in significantly more waste we may need to charge extra for this. 

In addition to making entire tarps that are completely transparent, our clear vinyl material can also be welded onto solid vinyl in order to make tarps with windows.Clear tarp with solid vinyl border

One idea which allows for solid material along the edge of the tarp while still having a large see-through area involves using the full 54 inches of clear in the centre of the tarp and using solid vinyl around the perimeter. This construction has two main advantages over a completely clear tarp:

  1. The hem is stronger than a clear tarp.
  2. The middle section can be made seamless provided it is limited to a maximum of about 52 inches (allowing for one inch overlap with the solid material).

It is difficult to see in this photo, however, this customer used quick release bolt fasteners to secure the tarp to the wooden patio structure. Before ordering your tarp it is a good idea to decide how you plan to fasten it since this may have an impact on the sizing requirements.

Clear vinyl tarps are ideal for replacing screen room tarps during the spring and fall to turn your screen room into a sun room during cooler periods.

Outdoor Patios

Clear roll-up tarps used for restaurant patio

Clear tarps are also a popular choice for restaurants to close off patio areas to extend the outdoor season. We added straps to the top of these to allow them to be rolled up when not in use. We also added a pocket to the lower edge of these tarps. A pocket is a channel formed by folding the tarp over onto itself. This allows you to insert a bar or a pole into the channel to make it easier to roll up the tarp. This also adds a bit of weight to the bottom of the tarp to keep it taunt. Learn more about Restaurant Tarps.

Car Washes

Tarps used in car washesAnother popular application for clear tarps is to separate car wash bays from the rest of a car detailing facility to contain water and to reduce the amount of cold or hot air that flows from the wash bay when opened.

Our clear material contains fire retardants so it meets all building codes for hanging inside.

Clear Tarp Testimonials

Montreal Québec
Excellent Five star rating
Tarp is excellent and is exactly to measurements ordered. Strong clear plastic just as I wanted.

Thank you so much.

Susan and Vince Girardi
Brantford, Ontario
Excellent Five star rating
I just want to drop a line to let you know that we have received our tarp and it is exactly what we wanted. Thanks again for your wonderful service.

Best regards!
Susan and Vince Girardi