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Utility trailer with 18 oz waterproof tarp
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On long journeys or even short trips, our custom made-to-order vinyl tarps are ideal for protecting your precious cargo.

Reinforced with heavy duty webbing (the same material used in seatbelts) our tarps include as many heavy gauge rust resistant brass grommets along the edges as you need.

Two common configurations for utility trailer tarps are:

  1. Wrapped Tarps
  2. Fitted Tarps

1. Wrapped Utility Trailer Covers

A wrapped tarp is just a 2-dimensional (flat) tarp where we only need to know the length and width of the tarp (not the length and width of the trailer). You still need to decide how far you want the tarp to go down the sides but you have to add this distance to the tarp dimensions. For example, if your trailer is 4' x 7' and you want your tarp to go 1' down the sides you would order a tarp that is 6' x 9'. In this case, you would need to wrap the excess corner material when you tie down the tarp. If you zoom into the picture above you will see that this is not a fitted tarp because the corners had to be folded over. You can also tell because the front is lower than the sides.

2. Fitted Utility Trailer Covers

Fitted tarp for a utility trailer
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Fitted tarps are sized to exactly fit your trailer, kind of like top of a shoe box. With fitted tarps the excess material that normally "bunches" in the corners is removed and the corners are sewn to create a nice tight fit. To order a fitted tarp you must use the advanced custom tarp ordering function which allows you to enter 3-dimensions:

  1. Your trailer length
  2. Your trailer width
  3. The distance that you want the tarp to go down the sides (the tarp height)

Always add an inch or so to your actual trailer width and length so that the tarp is sure to fit and to make it easier to put it on and take it off.

Frame for a utility trailerThe tan coloured tarp shown here is a special order tarp that was made to the customer's exact specification to fit this frame. Notice how the front of the tarp is tapered and the sides angle inward, this differs from our standard fitted tarps which are normally rectangular in shape. Be sure to provide a good drawing with lots of detailed measurements if you want a tarp with a special shape like this one. Note that, regardless of what style of tarp you get, if you have a trailer that is open on top you will need a strategy to prevent rain water from pooling on top of the trailer. Generally you will need either a rigid structure on top of the trailer or you need to somehow allow the rain to drain off the back or sides of the trailer.

Fitted utility trailer tarp in canvasHere is another example of a fitted tarp made from heavy duty canvas. When sizing the sides of your tarp there are many things you will want to consider.

  1. If there are fenders or other obstacles projecting out from the side of the trailer, you will generally want to avoid having the sides of the tarp come down beyond these obstacles. In some cases you may want cutouts to accommodate these obstacles (see below).
  2. If your trailer already has fastener points on the sides such as hooks or eyelets, the tarp should not extend beyond an inch or so above these fasteners, otherwise you won't be able to tighten down the tarp using these fasteners.
  3. Consider what you will be hauling with the trailer, if your load is often taller than the bed of the trailer, you might want to make the sides a little higher to accommodate taller cargo.

Rectangular fitted tarps generally cost about $75 more than wrapped tarps due to the extra sewing that is involved. The cost of contoured covers or other special shapes will vary based in the material required and extra time needed to form the shape.

Custom Grommet Locations

In most cases, grommets can just be evenly spaced along the sides of the tarp but sometimes it is important for the grommets to align or straddle the trailer fasteners. If you require exact grommet positioning we can usually accommodate this provided you send us a diagram that shows the grommet positions. Generally, you would place a tape measure at one end of the tarp and supply us with the inch markers where you would like the centers of the grommets to be positioned.

Water Pooling

When covering your open topped trailer with a waterproof tarp rain is going to pool no matter how tight you tie your tarp down. To learn about ways to overcome this problem read our blog article about preventing water from pooling in your tarp.

Trailer tarp with flaps for tail gate

Trailer Tarps with Flaps

Some trailers have tailgates that are higher than the rest of the sides or other special obstacles that can't be easily covered with a standard fitted tarp. One solution to cover such a trailer is to have us cut flaps in the tarp to allow it to go around the tail gate or other obstruction.

Notice here that we have aligned the grommets on either side of the flap so that the corner can still be well secured.


Trailer tarp with cut-outs for tail lights

Trailer Tarps with Cut-Outs

Tail lights and license plates are another common obstruction that makes it difficult to cover the trailer using a flat or fitted tarp. What we can do in this case is to cut a slit out of the tarp to wrap around the taillights. These slits are always reinforced with seatbelt material to prevent tearing.

Unlike typical polypropylene tarps that tend to rip and fray during a long journey due to the wind force, our utility tarps will hold up for years. Even with our heavier material, we still recommend that the tarp be securely fastened since prolonged wind flapping will eventually weaken the vinyl.

In most jurisdictions, the law requires you to cover your trailer cargo. Why not buy a cover that can also be used to protect your trailer from the elements? Our waterproof vinyl tarps will keep your utility trailer nice and dry to prevent rotting and rusting.


  • Provides protection from the elements (sun, environmental pollutants)
  • Is mold and mildew resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Oil, grease and acid resistant
  • Highly scratch & tear Resistant

If you have a large utility trailer (with a box at least 10 feet long) and you not concerned with waterproofing your trailer while it is not in use, consider purchasing one of our standard heavy duty mesh trailer tarps.

Customer Feedback

2016-07-10 Review for Heavy Duty Tarps
Tarp ordered for my 10 X 5 utility trailer is awesome! It's like also having a cargo trailer! The material is durable and I expect several years of service from it.
Five star rating5/5


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