Canvas Tarps

Canvas tarpCanvas tarps are ideal for applications that require a water resistant protective covering while at the same time allowing the cover to breath to prevent condensation and mould growth.

Unlike our solid vinyl products, canvas is not suitable as a waterproof covering. Although our canvas material is treated to repel water and prevent rot, it is not generally completely waterproof and moisture will penetrate the canvas over time.

Canvas is idea for covering RVs and other equipment to keep it clean and to prevent UV damage.

We currently only stock one colour of canvas which is a tan/light yellow (natural) colour shown above.

Our canvas material has a 20 oz weight (before treatment) and is weaved using 76 x 28 yarns (single fill).

Flame retardant canvas is also available. This can be used to cover hot asphalt and other applications where vinyl is prone to melt. When ordering, select the FR Canvas material if you require the canvas to be coated in fire retardant.

We don't recommend using canvas to cover outdoor furniture. For recommendations on this topic, please refer to our patio furniture covers page.


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