Outdoor Furniture Covers

With the many things that can damage your outdoor furniture (sun, rain, dirt, snow, etc.), you need to protect them. Lawn, patio and deck furniture is expensive so a small investment in a vinyl cover can pay for itself many times over by extending the life of your outdoor furniture and keeping it from fading. Ultra-violet rays are constantly undermining the fabrics and coatings used on your patio furniture, our heavy duty vinyl covers have built-in UV protection to keep them looking new even when exposed to the sun for a long time.

Cover your seating areas when they are not in use so that they are clean and dry whenever you need them. Most homeowners don't have room to store their outdoor furniture inside over the winter, our vinyl furniture covers allow you to leave your furniture outside year-round and, at the same time, keep it dry, clean and free of mould and mildew.

We custom sew our furniture covers to provide a full-fitted cover in any shape or size required. With a wide variety of colours available, you can even find the perfect colour to match your outdoor décor.

Outdoor furniture without protective coveringOne of the risks when using waterproof material to cover your furniture is that condensation can form under the tarp and become trapped. This trapped moisture can lead to the formation of mould.

Outdoor furniture with waterproof coveringIn order to prevent mould issues it is important to have air flow under the waterproof covering. For this reason we recommend fabricating your furniture covers utilizing two separate materials.

  1. Formulate the top using our 18 oz solid vinyl material to provide a waterproof layer.
  2. Make the sides out of our 90% mesh material to allow airflow into the covered area while still protecting the furniture from dust and rain. You could also use our 60% mesh on the sides for even greater air circulation.

Covering Solid Furniture

Patio furniture coverMould and mildew problems are really only an issue when covering fabric or other material that absorbs moisture. If you just need to cover tables, unpadded chairs, wooden furniture, etc. you can normally use a solid vinyl cover like the one shown here.

It is still a good idea to not cover the furniture completely to the ground to allow some air movement under the protective cover.