3.5 oz All Purpose Waterproof Utility Tarp

3.5 oz general purpose poly tarps

All Purpose Utility Tarps

All purpose poly tarps

This is a 3.5oz 10x10 weave polyethylene general purpose tarp. These tarps can be used for construction and farm applications, covering outdoor items, temporary waterproofing requirements, skating rink liners and other applications where our other materials are too expensive or heavy. These tarps come in white only and include aluminium grommets spaced approximately three feet apart.

Note that for this product the sizes shown are what is known as "cut sizes". The size of the finished tarps will be about 5% smaller than what is shown here. Free shipping to most locations.

DescriptionWeight (lb)PriceSelect
6' x 8' (35 pack)42.0$239.00
8' x 10' (20 pack)38.0$229.00
10' x 12' (15 pack)43.5$259.00
10' x 14' (10 pack)34.0$199.00
10' x 20' (10 pack)49.0$289.00
12' x 16' (10 pack)47.0$279.00
16' x 20' (5 pack)39.0$229.00
20' x 30' (3 pack)43.8$259.00
20' x 40' (2 pack)38.8$229.00
30' x 50'36.5$219.00
40' x 60'58.3$349.00
50' x 100'121.5$729.00
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