When comparing prices, be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. Our products are custom manufactured to your exact specification and our quality standards are extremely high. Our formula has evolved over the years as we identified product weaknesses. For example, early versions of our vinyl products would crack under extreme cold conditions so we adapted our formula to make the vinyl coating more pliable under sub-zero temperatures. You may find other products that look similar to ours but our products are time-tested so we are extremely confident in their durability.

Other tarp websites show the "cut size" of the tarps. This size reflects the size of the original material not the size of the finished tarp. The actual tarps can be 5% - 7% smaller than the advertised cut size. In fact, they can't even tell you the size of the finished tarp because most standard sized tarps are made in China and the finished size varies from tarp to tarp. For all of our custom tarps, the size of the finished tarp is exactly the size that you ordered (on rare occasions they could be up to ½ inch larger or smaller due to human error).

In order to get your "true" price you need to divide the cost over the number of years that you can expect from your tarp. Since our tarps tend to last much longer than those of our competitors your "annualized" cost of ownership will compare very favourably to most competing products.

Most custom tarp websites require you to call for a quote. We believe in honest, open, fair pricing so, in most cases, you can get a quote right off of our website, even for tarps with special features.

To obtain an instant quote on a rectangular custom tarp (including mesh tarps, welding tarps and solid vinyl tarps),  fill in the material and dimensions of your desired tarp in our free estimate form. We will provide a quote that includes free shipping to most locations within continental USA and Canada.  All of our prices are in Canadian dollars for products shipped to Canada and US dollars for products shipped to USA.

Our Advanced Custom Tarp form can be used to obtain an online quote for tarps that include many complex features.  Simply use that form to start the ordering process and click the Next button to obtain an online quote before completing your order.  Some of the advanced features offered include:

To see the prices for our standard products, click on the Shop link in the menu or visit one of the links below. These prices also include free shipping.

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Other Standard Products

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If you can't find a price for what you need, use the Contact Us link in the menu to send us an email with a description of your requirements (including a drawing if possible) and we will send you a quote within one or two business days.