6oz Industrial Tarps

6-oz industrial tarpWe carry industrial waterproof tarps that are well suited for use as outdoor skating rink liners as well as many industrial and agricultural applications. This durable 6oz material is made with a 14x14 weave that is patchable if necessary. This tarp comes in a variety of standard sizes. This product is green on the outside and white on the inside with grommets spaced every 3 feet.

Note that we do not manufacture this product and, as such, the Width and Length shown here are what is known in the industry as "Cut Sizes". The actual finished sizes are about 5% less than the cut sizes. We can't give you an exact finished size because some tarps will be slightly larger than our estimate while others may be slightly smaller.

This is a good choice of tarp when you are looking for something heavier and more durable than typical retail tarps but when our 18 oz custom tarps are too heavy for your application or too expensive.
Here are the sizes we carry, click on the order link below to see the price for each size.
Width Length Weight Approx Finished Size
20 feet 40 feet 33.5 Pounts 19' x 38'
24 feet 36 feet 36 Pounds 22.8' x 34.2'
26 feet 42 feet 46 Pounds 24.7' x 39.9'
32 feet 42 feet 56.5 Pounds 30.4' x 39.9'
30 feet 50 feet 62.5 Pounds 28.5' x 47.5'
40 feet 60 feet 100 Pounds 38' x 57'
50 feet 100 feet 205 Pounds 47.5' x 95'
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