Asphalt Truck Heat Shielded Roll Tarps

Asphalt trucks and other high temperature environments have special requirements for their roll tarps. These custom designed tarps have a special Heat Shield coating to not only protect the tarp from the heat of the asphalt but also to help trap the heat in so that the asphalt stays pliable.

Just like our standard roll tarps, our Heat Shield tarps are reinforced with four rows of 6,000 pound seatbelt material that runs the length of the tarp.

Our standard 18 oz vinyl is also suitable for use as asphalt truck tarps so if you prefer a solid vinyl tarp please indicate this in the comments when ordering your tarp.

Our Heat Shield tarps are made of 90% block material and only come in black. They are available in the following sizes:

Box LengthTarp SizePrice
12 feet7' x 12.5'$219.00
14 feet7' x 14.5'$224.00
16 feet7' x 16.5'$229.00
18 feet7' x 18.5'$239.00
20 feet7' x 20.5'$244.00
22 feet7' x 22.5'$249.00

Tarps made from this construction grade mesh can be purchased in any dimension.

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