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Welcome Saturn Industries Heavy Duty Tarps welcomes Saturn Industries of Manitoba. 2019-06-26
Tarps Used by Disposal Service Winnipeg disposal service uses our heavy duty mesh tarps to secure waste in their utility trailer. 2018-10-22
Making Sure You Order the Right Utility Trailer Tarp Before ordering a tarp for your utility trailer, read this article to help ensure you get the correct size, color and material. 2018-10-08
Tarps used to make Asphalt Roller Skirts Tarps used for asphalt roller skirts 2017-11-03
Adding Logos to Tarps Should logos be added to my tarp? 2017-06-26
Happy Canada Day! Happy Canada Day! 2017-06-03
Tarp Used In Movie Premier Heavy Duty Tarps were used to help promote the release of new Warner Bros film. 2016-11-09
RV Cover Pays for Itself in One Year Covering an RV can save thousands of dollars over paying for covered storage. 2016-10-01
Utility Trailer Tarp Pool Prevention You will need a strategy to prevent rain water from pooling in your utility trailer tarp 2016-05-30
Tarp Material Widths and Seams Most tarps that are wider than 57" require at least one seam where the raw material is joined. 2016-04-16
Reducing Tarp Wear Much of a tarps wear can be prevented by making sure it is well secured. 2016-02-01
Sandbox Covers Tarps make great sandbox covers. 2015-09-14
Massive Tarps Built for Tower Power Heavy Duty Tarps Builds Huge Tarps to Wrap Transmission Towers in Halifax. 2015-08-16
Tarps Allow Easy Cleanup Tarps Allow Easy Cleanup 2015-07-15
New Chat Facility Available If you see a green widget on the bottom right of your screen it means we are available to chat. 2015-06-12
Cut Sizes vs. Finished Sizes Most other tarp websites price their tarps using "Cut Sizes". The tarp you receive is generally about 5% smaller than the size that is quoted. 2015-04-21
Mesh Ideal for Shade and Wind Our 90% mesh products are well suited for applications where you want dappled sunlight and some air flow. 2014-12-09
That's an Expensive Tarp That's an Expensive Tarp 2014-11-29
The Perfect Christmas Gift Most guys will really appreciate getting a heavy duty tarp for Christmas. 2014-11-02
Grommets vs. D-Rings - Which is Better? Grommets vs. D-Rings - Which is Better? 2014-10-17
Travel Trailer Tarp is Essential Travel trailers should be covered with a waterproof vinyl tarp. 2014-09-09
Designing Custom Tarps How to specify the requirements for a complex custom tarp. 2014-09-04
Beware of Insurance Obligations Homeowners are required to tarp leaky roofs as soon as the problem is discovered to prevent further damage. 2014-06-25
Tarp used to cover martial arts floor mats Our heavy duty solid vinyl tarps are ideal for covering the floor in martial arts clubs. 2014-06-09
Heavy Duty Tarps Supplies Tarp for Whistler Blackcomb's "Great Slush Cup" Whistler Blackcomb called on Heavy Duty Tarps to supply a liner for their man-made lake. 2014-05-08
Hydro One Uses Tarp to Contain Water Hydro One Uses 50 oz tarp to collect water from melting show and ice on equipment. 2014-04-26
Tennis Court Screening Tennis Court Screening provide privacy and wind protection for your outdoor tennis court. 2014-04-03
Replacement Golf Simulator Screens Our nylon sawdust meshl tarp material is well-suited for use as a virtual golf simulator impact screen. You can create a custom designed screen for a fraction of the cost of traditional golf simulator screens. 2014-03-14
Tarps used to protect porch Tarp used to protect a deck from the elements in the winter. 2013-12-10
Tarp used to winterize cottage Tarp used to winterize cottage in order to avoid the time putting up shutters. 2013-11-15

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Title Date
Welcome Saturn Industries 2019-06-26
Tarps Used by Disposal Service 2018-10-22
Making Sure You Order the Right Utility Trailer Tarp 2018-10-08
Tarps used to make Asphalt Roller Skirts 2017-11-03