Chip Mesh Works Great for Collecting Tree Trimmings

Chip mesh and hedge trimmer

Nick Osmond-Jones of British Columbia sent us these photos showing how he uses our Chip Mesh as a versatile tarp for collecting, dragging and hauling debris. Nick operates the hedge and tree care company called Agile Hedge and Tree.

Nick writes "I trim hedges and trees in Victoria, BC. I needed a tarp that would work as a drop sheet to catch hedge trimmings and could also be used to secure variously sized loads of brush. I also needed it to be tough and have high abrasion resistance to withstand being dragged on rough surfaces while it was loaded with debris, and having a ladder with sharp feet placed on top of it. I ended up ordering a custom chip-mesh tarp, reinforced with webbing, with grommets every foot. I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm very happy. The material is tough and flexible, the stitching is solid, and the grommets are heavy duty. Far superior to the off-the-shelf poly tarps I've been using, and frequently replacing. Manufacturing and shipping was also surprisingly fast. I would definitely purchase from Heavy Duty Tarps again."

Chip mesh full of debrisIf you haul brush or other debris to the dump, in most jurisdictions you are required to cover the load to keep it from blowing around. One of the nice things about a mesh tarp is that it does not catch the wind the way a solid tarp does. It is also less likely to damage your lawn if left in one spot for too long, since it lets light through and allows the heat to escape.

Chip mesh tarps also work well for raking leaves onto in the fall. Rather than having these picked up or, taking them to the dump, if you have some coniferous trees on your property considering piling the leaves under these trees to enrich the soil. Alternatively, you can pile the leaves and make your own compost over time.