Dog Kennel Protection

Dog kennel covers and kennel tarpsSeveral of our customers use tarps to cover dog kennels to protect against wind and rain or to provide shade or noise protection. Here we show a picture of a kennel that is covered using our 18oz solid vinyl material to protect the dogs from wind and cold during the winter months.

If you want a see-through barrier that protects against wind and rain consider using our reinforced clear tarps. You can even use a combination of materials. For example, the majority of the tarp can be made from 18 oz solid vinyl and you can use clear vinyl to add windows to let in light.

Dog kennel with clear vinyl coverIf your dog kennel is exposed to winds, adding a clear vinyl cover can make a big difference in keeping your dogs warm during the winter months. Using clear tarps your dogs will have clear visibility and can enjoy the warmth of the sun. These covers will also help reduce the number of ticks and other pests that can get into the cage area.

Dog car seat cover If you transport dogs frequently or even if you just take your own pets in the car occasionally, you know what a mess a wet or dirty dog can make on your car seats.

Every pet owner should have a custom made seat cover to protect your car seats against dampness and soiling. Dog seat covers made of our 18 oz material are virtually indestructible. If you have big dogs that like to scratch at your seat covers go with our 50 oz material. This thick material will provide decades of protection against even the most rambunctious dogs.

We can even add a window to our dog seat covers so Fido can see you while you are driving or we can add a mesh panel so that heat or air conditioning can flow to the back more readily.

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Dog Kennel Tarp Testimonials

Toronto, Ontario
Excellent Five star rating
Great experience from start to finish. Received the tarps very quickly. The tarps were exactly as ordered and very good quality. They fit well and (will) keep my dog comfortable through the colder months.