Portable Garage Tarps and Carport Covers

We can cover existing carport frames with a long lasting vinyl coverMost new carport and portable garage frames come with a poly tarp covering that usually only lasts a few years before it starts to tear. When you need to replace these covers it makes sense to use a high quality vinyl material that can last for 10 years or even longer.

We make custom replacement carport covers according to your exact size and finishing requirements. Grommets can be used to fasten the cover to the frame or you might also consider putting a pocket (channel) on either side at the bottom where you could run rebar or a heavy chain to weigh it down and just fasten in on the ends and perhaps in the middle.

To get the correct size be sure to measure the frame from one side, all the way across the top and down the other side.

Generally 18 oz vinyl is the most economical material to use however 22 oz is also available if you want the cover to last a little longer. Both materials come in a wide variety of colours.

If you need one or both of the end panels for the carport we will require a diagram that shows the length and width of these sections every foot or so in each direction.

Zippers and windows can also be added as needed.

Car port wall coveringIf you have a carport with an open side, you might be interested in using a heavy duty tarp to close off the side to the elements. Here we show a carport that has been closed in using our reinforced clear material. This is ideal in situations where you want to allow some light to pass through the tarp. 

Follow this link to learn about our vinyl shed covers.