Default Grommet Spacing

By default, grommets are evenly spaced along the edge. If this is not what you want, you must supply alternate spacing instructions in the notes field when filling in your custom tarp order.

When you specify the number of grommets for each edge, the system automatically calculates how far apart each grommet will be. The distances shown are from the center of the grommet to the center of the adjacent grommet.

When grommets are specified, we assume that the initial grommets will be set on the ends of the specified edge. The centers of these end grommets are always one inch from the edge of the tarp as shown in the following image.

Tarp Grommet Spacing

Note that when entering the number of grommets, the end grommets are "double counted" since these grommets are considered to exist on each adjacent edge. For example, if you request 5 grommets on each of the four edges, you really only get 16 grommets, not 20, since the corner grommets are counting toward the total on each edge.

In terms of the ideal grommet spacing, this depends on the tarping application. If the tarp will be exposed to high winds, such as tarps used for utility trailers, it is a good idea to request more grommets to better distribute the load on each grommet. Nevertheless, remember that the grommets are only useful if you have a place to fasten them. If you have a fixed number of anchor points you generally want to try to align your grommets with these tie-down locations.

We don't charge extra for our standard grommets unless the number of grommets becomes excessive (generally more than one grommet per foot or so).

If you are attaching the tarp to a frame (such as a doorway, carport, window, garage, etc.) it is a good idea to start by deciding where the fasteners will go into the frame. Generally, the length of the tarp will be 2 inches greater than the distance between the fasteners on opposite sides of the frame.

Our standard grommets have an outer diameter of 1 inch and an inner diameter of 9/16".

Smaller grommets having an outer diameter of 7/8" and an inner diameter of 7/16" are avalable at no extra cost.

Our standard grommets are made of rust-resistant brass. Stainless steel grommets are available at an additional cost of $1 per grommet. The stainless steel grommets have an outer diameter of 7/16" and an inner diameter of 13/32".


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