Gazebo covers and screening

Screened in Gazebo

Whether you are looking for replacement screening for your gazebo or if you want a solid cover so that you can use your gazebo to protect your patio furniture over the winter we've got you covered.

Our 60% mesh screen keeps the mosquitoes out and lets the breeze come in. This vinyl coated mesh is UV protected and is much more durable than typical screening.

When contemplating a cover for your gazebo it is important to consider your main reasons for wanting a cover. Here are some different materials that you could use depending on why you want to cover your gazebo.

  1. If you mainly want to keep out mosquitoes while allowing maximum breeze, our 60% mesh product would be a good choice.
  2. In addition to mosquitoes, if you also want to block some of the wind and provide some shade, our 90% premium mesh would work well.
  3. If you want to keep out both the wind and the rain you pretty well need to go with a vinyl product. Solid vinyl would block visibility and offer the maximum privacy while our clear vinyl would let in lots of light while blocking the wind and the rain.
Gazebo winter cover

It is not necessary to use the same material on all four sides. Perhaps you might want to use a solid vinyl only on the side that gets most of the sun in order to provide some shade while using one of the mesh materials on the other three sides.