Gazebo Curtain Enclosure

Custom Gazebo CurtainsIf you have a screened or open gazebo why not close it in to extend its use in early spring or late fall? This photo shows an example of a gazebo enclosed in our 20 mil clear material to form a transparent curtain to protect the occupants and furniture from the elements. Since this will let in lots of light you could also use this as a greenhouse to start vegetables or other annuals in the spring while protecting them from the frost.

If you want increased privacy, you could finish some of the sides in solid 18 oz vinyl while using clear vinyl where you want to have a view. You could even enclose the gazebo entirely in solid vinyl and use clear material to add windows to let in some light.

In this installation we installed a heavy duty zipper to allow access through one of the sides. Please be advised that the raw material comes in 54 inch widths so there will need to be at least one seam in most applications. You can see the seam running horizontally in the photo.

To see examples of solid and mesh covers please visit our gazebo side panels page.