Boathouse Curtain

Boathouse curtainProtect your boathouse from the elements and from theft by keeping the opening closed off using a heavy duty tarp. When installing a boat house curtain you should consider various options for how to secure the tarp to enable quick entry and exit while preventing intruders from accessing the boat house from the outside.

In most cases you will want to install the tarp on the inside wall. Be sure to review this blog page which talks about various DIY quick release fasteners that work with grommets.

In order to raise up the tarp to get your boat in and out you might want to install a simple pulley system which would involve mounting small pulleys on the ceiling on either side of the opening. You would then connect ropes to one of the lower grommets on each side of the tarp and run this up to and through the pulley mounted above. You could then elevate the tarp by pulling on the other end of the ropes causing the bottom of the tarp to be drawn up to the ceiling.

Another approach would be to add a pocket or channel to the bottom of the tarp where you could slide in a pole and install a pulley mechanism so that the boat house curtain behaves like a standard roll-up door tarp.

Yet another option would be to add zippers on either side of the boathouse door tarp so that you can unzip each side to get your boat in and out while keeping the outside grommets permanently mounted.

If you want to permit air flow within your boathouse to prevent mold, our mesh material can also be used to create a curtain. This will keep out most of the snow and rain while allowing the area to breathe. We can also add mesh windows to a solid vinyl tarp to provide some air circulation while blocking most of the weather elements.

If you have other ideas for how to use a tarp to close off your boat house, please send them to us and we will add them to this page.