Roll Up Door Tarps

Roll-up shed door tarpIf you need a door for your shed, barn or garage, consider making a roll-up door using heavy duty vinyl. These will last for years and will cost a fraction of the price of a metal or wood door.

Vinyl doors are great for keeping snow and rain out and for use as a wind break.

In this picture we show a door that we constructed wilth zippers running vertically near the outside of the tarp. This allows the tarp grommets to be used to secure the tarp to the frame of the shed or barn while still allowing quick and easy access. If you just want to walk through the doorway, you only need to partially unzip one side.

Tarp used for barn doorWhen you need to get equipment in or out you can unzip both side and roll up the door as shown here. A rope is wrapped vertically under the door so that it can be secured in any position just by tensioning the rope.

Heavy duty vinyl comes in a wide variety of colours so you can usually choose something that will blend well with your building.

A door will also help to keep rats, skunks and other unwanted "guests" out of your utility shed or barn.


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