Waterproof Covers

Black waterproof tarp

Whatever you need to be kept dry, protected from rain, snow and free from moisture, our tarps can do the job. Strong and rugged enough to stand up to any weather, they are ideal for extending the life of your expensive outdoor equipment. Whether you are covering machinery, supplies, firewood, canoes, furniture or vehicles you can trust our heavy duty vinyl tarpaulins to protect your important possessions.

Cheap polypropylene tarps may seem like good value but these low quality tarps do not maintain their waterproof characteristic for very long. The sun and wind quickly weaken these tarps and within months or even weeks you can experience leakage issues that can destroy whatever it is you are trying to protect. Our heavy duty vinyl tarps can maintain their waterproof quality for many years and can save you hundreds of dollars by not having to replace your tarps or the assets that you want to keep dry.