Protecting Against RV Leak Damage

Rotted and leaking RV camper trailer roof
Rotted Trailer Roof

If you own a camper trailer or RV we can't stress enough how important it is to keep these covered year-round with a waterproof vinyl tarp. We have sold hundreds of tarps to camper owners whose previous trailers have been ruined by leaks, rot and mold. Recently, we sold a tarp to a travel trailer owner, in Prince Rupert BC, whose trailer rotted out after just two years and had to be sold for pennies on the dollar. Don't wait until you see signs of leaks before deciding to cover your trailer with a waterproof tarp. By the time you see evidence of a leak your trailer has likely suffered several thousand dollars in damage.

An RV Leak is Often Worse Than a Leak in Your House!

If you have had a leaking roof in your house you know how much damage this can cause. In most cases, an RV leak is actually a lot worse. Here's why:

  • Trailer leaks can go for months or even years without being discovered. During this time, wood trusses and framing rots and mold spores flourish and spread.
  • Most houses have attics which make it possible to inspect for roof leaks, checking for RV leaks is very difficult. The attic also serves as an area where water damage can be repaired without opening up the roof.
  • RVs are not designed to reroofed the way houses are. Opening up and repairing a camper roof can be more expensive than reshingling an entire house!
  • It is common for trailer leaks to travel to the floor area. Unlike a house where floors can be replaced without touching the walls, trailer walls are often sitting on top of the floor panels so you can't replace the floors without taking the sides off.

It is ironic that trailer owners don't hesitate to take out insurance on their trailers for theft and collision when the chance of these events is extremely remote while, at the same time, some won't spend a couple hundred dollars to protect their trailer from water damage; something that is extremely likely as the trailer ages.

Keep dirt off your travel trailerEven if your trailer doesn't leak, dust and debris are constantly making a mess of the top of your trailer. Climbing a ladder to scrub your RV is hard work and can be dangerous since you can injure yourself or scratch or dent your trailer. Also, you will find that some stains just don't come off or you need to use harsh chemicals to cut through tree sap or mold and mildew. An easier solution is to cover your trailer with one of our heavy duty tarps and when that gets dirty you simply take it down and place it on your driveway or lawn and scrub it down. This keeps your travel trailer looking like new for many years and eliminates the need to use solvents on your trailer which could damage the surface.

Ants are another common hazard for RVs and trailers that are parked beneath trees. Trees drip tiny sap droplets that not only stain the top of your trailer but also attract ants and other insects. As the ants harvest the sap they often penetrate the sealants on top of the trailer causing leakage and eventually holes large enough for the ant colonies to tunnel through. You have invested thousands of dollars in your travel trailer or motor home. Now is the time to spend a few dollars to ensure it will last for many years.

Waterproof travel trailer covers
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Our custom, made-to-order, vinyl tarps are designed to last for up to 10 years without leaking. The top of the trailer is the most important area to be fully covered. We recommend that you also cover a few inches down the sides and most of the ends. This will allow the trailer to breathe while protecting it from water damage. If the front of the camper is slanted, the tarp should cover to the point where the side of the trailer becomes vertical so that the water that runs off the tarp falls to the ground, not onto the trailer. If your trailer has an air conditioner on top, be sure to add enough material in both directions to go over the air conditioner (and skylights, etc.) and still reach the sides.

Our durable tarpaulins are available in a range of colours but we recommend a light color such as white or grey to keep your travel trailer cooler in the summer. Because of the substantial weight of our tarps, you will find that you barely need to tie them down to keep them from blowing off.

Watch the videos and/or follow these links to learn what often happens when you leave your trailer exposed to the elements.

The link to the right shows a YouTube video about a 7-year old trailer that is owned by a man with a degree in Industrial Technology and who is recognized by the State of California as a Construction Quality Assurance Engineer. He inspected his trailer every year and saw no evidence of leaks or any signs of problems. Watch this interesting video

When the owner of this 7-year old Jayco Jay Flight trailer took it in for "minor repairs" to the ceiling they were probably devastated to learn the extent of the damage that had occurred. By the time the leak became noticeable in the interior of the trailer, all of the trusses in the roof were completely rotted out resulting in several thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Robbie Warford, who has been repairing RVs in the San Diego area since 1982 says "regardless of which type of roof your RV has, they will all eventually need repairing…making an investment in an RV cover can really save you.". Visit Saving Money on RV Repair

Most insurance policies won't cover water damage to your trailer due to prolonged leaks. Learn more here. RV Water Damage Insurance Coverage

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