Hydro One Uses Tarp to Contain Water

Heavy Duty Tarp used to contain waterHydro One Networks has a service bay near Ottawa where they bring their equipment for maintenance and where they park vehicles after hours. During the winter months, the ice and snow that melts overnight would create a small flood and the entire garage would end up getting soaked.  To solve this problem Craig Holmes of Hydro One had the idea to cover the vehicle service area with a tarp and then elevate the sides of the tarp to contain the water and slush that drips off the vehicles.  Then a squeegee can be used to push the contained water out of the service bay door.

Since vehicles will be driving on the tarp constantly we recommended our 50 oz vinyl material. This material is also Fire Resistant which is an important consideration for indoor tarps.

We recently contacted Craig to find out how his invention was working out. Craig told us "The tarp works great. We all make an effort to keep it free of rocks etc. ...We used 4 inch pipe along each edge to contain the water from the run off and then we just sweep it out the doors. It has worked great for us and has done exactly what we wanted it to do."

Craig was also kind enough to send us this picture of the installed tarp.