Grommets and Fasteners

Brass Grommets

Most of our tarps ship with standard brass grommets. There is no extra charge for a reasonable number of grommets per tarp. We also offer smaller sized brass grommets at no extra charge.

Stainless Steel Grommets

Stainless Steel Grommets can be requested at a cost of $1 per grommet. These should be used in cases where the grommets will have prolonged exposure to salt or corrosive substances.


D-Rings can be used instead of grommets at a cost of $2 per D-Ring. These are normally sewn such that they overhang the edge. They can also be set back if requested.


Snaps can be installed at a cost of $1 per snap. Snaps can be problematic is colder climates since the snap base does not expand/contract at the same rate as the snap button. When installing snaps on your tarp, we will send you the snap base to screw into a wooden structure. We also have bases that consist of just a hole if you want to bolt this onto a metal frame or some other surface.

Common Sense Fasteners

Common Sense Fasteners can be installed at a cost of $4 per fastener. These allow for fast installation and removal of your tarp without the temperature sensitivity of snaps.