Grommets and Fasteners

Standard Stainless Steel Grommets

Standard stainless steel grommet fastenerMost of our tarps ship with standard stainless steel grommets. These have a hole size of 9/16" and an outer diameter of 1". Our quoted price assumes standard grommets every two feet around the perimeter of your tarp. Your final price may be more or less than the quote depending on the grommet spacing you require or other finishing options. Standard grommets cost 62 cents each.

Smaller Stainless Steel Grommets

These grommets should be requested if you want a smaller hole size than our standard grommets. These have a hole size that is 7/16" and an outer diameter of 7/8". Small grommets cost 52 cents each.


D-Ring fastenerD-Rings can be used instead of grommets at cost of $2.50 each. These are normally sewn such that they overhang the edge of the tarp so that they are sewn into the seat belt webbing. If you need these to be set back we much add a separate row of webbing to reinforce the D-Rings. These are priced differently so please contact us if you require D-Rings that don't hang off the edge of the tarp.

Marine Snaps

Marine snap fastenerSnaps can be installed at an additional cost of $2.75 per snap. Snaps can be problematic in colder climates since the snap base does not expand/contract at the same rate as the snap button. When installing snaps on your tarp, we will send you the snap base to screw into a wooden structure. We also have bases that consist of just a hole if you want to bolt this onto a metal frame or some other surface. Be sure to let us know if you don't want the screw type.

Common Sense Fasteners

Common Sense fastenerCommon Sense Fasteners can be installed at a cost of $4.50 per fastener. These allow for fast installation and removal of your tarp without the temperature sensitivity of snaps. If you are considering Common Sense Fasteners, please review this blog post that discusses some quick release fastener ideas that work with standard grommets.

Weighted Hem

Tarp with 3/16 chain sewn into the hemSometimes tarps are needed where it is either inconvenient to use traditional fasteners or there is nothing to fasten the tarp to. In such cases we can sew a 3/16" chain into the hem of the tarp to keep it from blowing away. This is often done on pitching mound tarps where it would be dangerous to use spikes or other fasteners. The cost of this option is $1.10/ft.


Tarp pocketPockets can be sewn into the hem to allow you to insert your own bar or chain into the pocket either to suspend the tarp or to weigh it down. For more information about pockets please visit our pocket sizing page.