Round Tarps

Circular tarp used to cover baseball pitcher's moundRound tarps like this one are often used to cover home plate and the pitcher's mound on baseball diamonds. For this application we can integrate a 3/16" chrome plated chain into the perimeter of the tarp in order to give it a bit more weight to prevent it from blowing up in heavy winds.

To request a chain in the hem when ordering online, specify that "No grommets Required" as the grommet spacing option and choose the Chain option as the "grommet type". 

Use this link to order a custom round tarp.

Round tarps can also be used to cover circular cribs or bins such as those used to store feed stock and firewood.

Another common use of circular tarps is to protect the top of gazebos as well as round pergola covers

Tire cover tarpHere we show a heavy duty tire cover that we made to protect the spare tire on a travel trailer.

Pitcher's mound tarpTarp with weighted chain hemPitching mound and batter's box tarps come in eleven different colours.