Return & Cancellation Policy

At Heavy Duty Tarps we pride ourselves in the quality of our tarpaulins. We guarantee that our products are of excellent quality and that they will provide long term strength and durability.


While we strive to ensure that our manufacturing process yields only flawless products, in the rare event of a product failure due to a manufacturing error, we will correct the problem at our expense. At our discretion we will either ship a replacement product or request that the original product be returned to us for repair. Unfortunately, since our products are often used in very harsh conditions we cannot extend this warranty to include failure caused by normal wear and tear or lack of care and good judgement by the user. Notification of a suspected manufacturer's defect must be given within 30 days of receiving your product.

Note that this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the specific product(s) purchased from Heavy Duty Tarps and does not cover related, incidental or consequential damages or losses of any kind that may result from a failure in our product.

Sometimes it is not convenient for the customer to return the tarp for repair or, for very large tarps, it may be cost prohibitive to ship the tarp back to us for repair. In such cases, we reserve the right to reimburse the customer an amount commensurate with the nature or severity of the manufacturing defect or to send the customer a repair kit so that repairs can be conducted by the customer on site.

Return Policy

Almost all of the products we sell at Heavy Duty tarps are custom made specifically for the customer who ordered the product. Therefore, we cannot accept returns since we would generally not be able to resell the returned product.

We stand fully behind the quality of our products. If you receive a product that does not meet your quality expectations, please contact us right away and let us know your concerns. If possible, send us digital pictures that focus on the problem areas. If we determine that your product contains a manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair it at no cost.

Minor Variances

Please keep in mind that, despite our efforts to exactly match the size of product that you ordered or your requested grommet spacing, minor variances may occur. A minor variance would generally be a product that differs by less than two inches from the specification requested.

Visible Seams

Example of a weld seamMost of the raw materials we use are about 5 feet in width. To make wider tarps we need to heat weld multiple panels together. We try our best to make these seams as discreet as possible but it is not uncommon to see noticeable seams in the finished product. Visible seams are not considered flaws.

To create a seam we must heat weld one layer of material onto another. For a good seam, the two layers must melt and merge with each other to create a permanent waterproof bond. Occasionally, tiny areas of one material might melt completely through. Since the layers of material are doubled at the seam, having tiny imperfections in one of the layers does not compromise the durability or waterproof nature of the seam. Often you can't even see this phenomenon unless you hold the seam up to the light. Cosmetic seam issues such as this are not considered a flaw in the product provided the seams are waterproof.

Soiled Products

Sometimes products will become soiled during manufacturing, shipping or handling. We regret when this happens but we do not consider this to be a flaw in the product. In most cases you should be able to remove any soiling using dish soap and water. The cleaner Fantastik by SC Johnson also does a good job of cleaning our vinyl products.

Grommet Size

On rare occasions we may need to substitute slightly larger or smaller grommets than what was ordered. The substituted grommet hole will always be within 1/8" of what was ordered. These grommet substitutions will have no impact on the performance of the tarp and are not considered a manufacturers' defect for which returns, or alterations, are offered.


Certain materials used to make your tarps are subject to shrinkage. Canvas is particularly bad and may shrink several inches over repeated periods of getting damp and drying. Mesh materials tend to shrink the least. Solid and clear vinyl products will shrink over time, however, usually not more than about an inch per ten running feet of material. When ordering your tarps, if accurate sizing is important, it is best to order your tarps a little larger than they need to be to allow for shrinkage. We do not accept returns or refunds due to changes in the size of your tarp over time.

Cancellation Policy

Generally, we do not begin to process your order until it has been paid for. If you change your mind about your order and you have not yet paid for it, there is nothing you need to do. As a courtesy, we would appreciate it if you let us know that you don't want to proceed with the order.

If you change your mind after you have paid for your order, please contact us immediately to determine whether we have started manufacturing your order. If we have not yet started on the production of your order, you can cancel it. Unfortunately, if we have already started cutting or assembling your product it is not possible to cancel your order.

If you paid for your order using PayPal and then decide to cancel your order before we started manufacturing it, we will refund 96% of your payment. PayPal does not refund the fees that we pay at the time you made your purchase, even when the order is cancelled. As such, we cannot refund your full purchase amount since we only receive about 96% of your purchase price.

Hem Policy

Normally, our custom-made tarps include a two-inch hem formed by wrapping the tarp material around seat belt webbing. Sometimes, the size of the tarp ordered does not lend itself to this style of hem and we will adjust the hem to exclude the wrapping feature. Specifically, this is done when the size of the finished tarp is such that an additional weld (seam) would be required to facilitate the wrapped hem.

Folded Hem vs. Flat HemFor example, most of the raw material we use comes in 61" widths. Let's say you order a tarp that is 20' x 117". In such a case, we would weld two strips of material together to form a raw material width of 121" (61" + 61" minus 1" for overlap). In this example we would sew our standard hem since we have 4" of excess material (2" per side) to wrap around the seat belt webbing. Now, let's say the tarp your ordered is 20' x 10' (120"). In this case we would need to introduce another seam in order to have enough material to accommodate the 2" hem. So, rather than introducing a new seam, we would forego the wrapped hem.

On the outside of the tarp, both styles of hem look the same, here we see the difference in appearance on the inside of the tarp. As you can see the seat belt webbing is exposed rather than being hidden inside the hem,