Testimonials from Red Deer, Alberta

Feb 14, 2020

Ron Wilkin of Red Deer Alberta writes...

Hi guys from Red Deer, Alberta...just thought I’d send you a few pictures of a backyard cabana that I installed your wind tarps on back in 2015. We use this for outdoor entertaining and they really cut the wind down to a light breeze while adding a nice amount of privacy and shade. Simple install using aircraft cable around the top attached with small clips via the grommets and run a rope around the bottom on the sides you want to close in so they work like curtains...they work exactly as hoped and the best part is after 41/2 years so far they are still like new!

Here are some photos Ron sent us.

Heavy Duty Tarps used as wind break in Red Deer Alberta

Publisher's note: What appear to be holes in the top of the tarp are actually white LED Christmas lights.

Tarps used to cut down on the wind

Note that the material shown is our 90% block premium mesh.