The Perfect Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner and you will soon be looking for that perfect unique gift. Guess what? You don't actually need to suffer through crowded parking lots and long lineups to find something truly unique and personalized.


Tired of getting yet another tie or shirt for Christmas? Now is the time to start dropping hints to your wife, or significant other, about how you could really use a heavy duty tarp to protect your trailer (or riding lawn mower, or ATV, etc.). Unlike many gifts which just take up space in your closet, a high quality tarp is truly a gift that keeps on giving as it protects the things you care about year in and year out.

One word of caution, don't consider giving your wife a tarp for Christmas (unless she asks for one). I tried that one year and it did not go over well. Give her jewellery instead; you can't go wrong with that.


Most guys prefer practical gifts that they can actually use. Believe it or not, guys will appreciate getting a tarp from Heavy Duty Tarps because most have never even seen a truly high quality tarp. Imagine living in a world where everyone drives a horse and buggy. This is all you have ever known. Suddenly, out of nowhere, someone gives you a Cadillac and opens your eyes to a whole new driving experience that you did not know existed. Although this is clearly a fantasy, a parallel universe exists in the world of tarps.

Most guys have only ever seen the cheap tarps they can buy at Canadian Tire. They have purchased plenty of these over the years and have writhed in pain as they watched yet another tarp tear up or fly off their trailer as they were driving down the road at 120 km/hour.

Ladies, you can be the saviour who introduces your husband to this new world where tarps last for years and never leak or blow off. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your home wandering for hours looking for that perfect gift. You can even make this a gift for yourself disguised as something for your husband. You have always wanted a cover to provide shade in your backyard, now is your chance to buy your husband a 90% mesh tarp that will be all ready for hanging in the spring. Maybe you are tired of washing down the lawn furniture every spring. Why not give your husband a tarp that he can use to cover it up in the fall?

Christmas Shipping Deadline

We can guarantee free delivery in time for Christmas to most locations in USA and Canada if you order by December 12.