Insulated Tarps

Heavy Duty insulated tarpSome tarping applications, such as refrigerated storage and concrete curing, require insulated tarps. We manufacture custom insulated tarps and curing blankets to meet this need.

Our insulated tarps are made up of three laminated layers consisting of 18 oz vinyl on the outside and 3/16" polyethylene closed cell foam material in the middle (shown below). Note that the insulation is ridged to increase the air space beyond the thickness of this insulation itself for improved insulating qualities. We can also sew these tarps with a zippered edge so that insulation can be added later by the customer to accomodate other types of insulation.

These industrial blankets can be used in any application where it is necessary to keep out the cold or the heat. Since the outside is made from our heavy duty 18 oz vinyl, they are very rugged and durable, even for the most harsh applications.

Insulation used in insulated tarp applicationsDue to the weight and layering of this material, we generally can't make insulated tarps that are larger than about 1,000 square feet. These tarps have never been tested to establish an accurate R-value but they are estimated to have an R-value of 3 or 4.

In addition to using these tarps for insulation, they can also be used to wrap something that you want to protect from getting damaged.

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