Custom Made Industrial Tarps

Industrial TarpsOur tarp material is suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including:

  • Factory Curtains
  • Water Channeling and Flood Control
  • Dust Control
  • Temporary protection from sun, rain, wind or other weather conditions
  • Protection from Hazardous Chemicals
  • Machinery Covers

There is really no limit to the size and shape of tarps that we are capable of manufacturing but generally tarps beyond about 1000 pounds start to become unwieldy in terms of production and shipping.

In the photo above, one of our tarps is being installed on top of a reactor tank that was about to undergo exterior surface maintenance. This tarp was required to be FR rated due to the fact that there was welding being conducted on the outside of the reactor.

Generally, onsite cranes are required to hoist large tarps into place.

D-RingsThis project was undertaken in the winter so one of the important functions of the tarp was to create a heatable enclosure to make it possible to perform the maintenance in frigid temperatures. For this reason the side tarp sections were overlaped and D-rings were used to tie the grommets to the adjacent panels as shown here.

Our solid vinyl material has cold crack protection to up to -40C (-40F) and can also withstand high temperatures up to about 150C (300F).

Industrial gasket tarpOur expertise was also put to a test by a large pipe manufacturer. They needed something to seal both ends of a cooling booth when manufacturing extruded high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE pipe).

This conical shaped "gasket" tarp resulted in a significant decrease in water utilization and better run off containment.


Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Armed Forces

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