Tarps Used by Disposal Service

Posted by: Scott Sinclair

Garry Weir, owner of a Winnipeg disposal service, recently sent us this testimonial for one of our heavy duty utility trailer roll tarps.

I've attached a photo of the first tarp I ordered from your company a few months back.  The most recent tarp was for personal use on my utility trailer.

I run a junk disposal business here in Winnipeg - since 2012. I've had to replace my trailer tarp every other year and had been looking around for a heavy duty tarp that might last longer.  I came across your company in my searches and after checking out your website thought I'd give your tarps a try.  The only place I could find in Winnipeg was the shop that did my trailer repairs and their cost per tarp was triple the total price I paid for yours including shipping.

To date I can't be more happy with my purchase from your company. The tarp is of greater quality and durability than tarps I've purchased locally here in Winnipeg.

Respectfully yours

Garry Weir
Owner / Operator - Crestview Disposal Services
Winnipeg MB


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